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Tummy Time Classes

Tummy Time Classes

Led by a Certified Instructor

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Tummy Time!TM for Babies

45-minute classes for infants led by a certified professional instructor 

Tummy Time is critical for the healthy development of your child

Your baby has to have time on her tummy so she can develop the strength and skills she will need for crawling, walking and using her hands.

Classes held weekly for a 4-week session. Please bring a blanket for your baby

Birth – 5 months (pre-crawlers)  

at the Jewish Discovery Center
7587 Central Parke Blvd, Mason

Dates/Times of class – To be determined

$40 per 4-week session

Interested? Call Lesley at (210) 722-4183 or email:

A baby should spend lots of playtime on her tummy so that she can learn to:

  • Hold up her head and get strong enough to turn her head from side to side
  • Shift her weight again and creep forward on those bent knees and strong straight arms … and crawling on all fours.
  • Get up on her elbows
  • Roll from her back to her tummy
  • Get up on her hands with straight arms
  • Pull up on her knees and balance
  • Roll from her tummy to her back
  • Pull up her knees and rock on hands and knees
  • Shift the weight of her body so she can hold herself on one elbow and reach for toys
  • Shift the weight of her body from side to side so she can commando crawl forward on her tummy


What is tummy time versus Tummy Time!tm?

Tummy time refers to the time babies spend lying on their tummies while awake and playing. Tummy time is the foundation of sensorimotor skills throughout life and it is essential for good health. Playing on their tummies enables babies to develop motor skills (gross, fine, and oral motor), enhance sensory awareness, assist overall stomach functioning, and improve visual skills.

Tummy Time!tm refers to the trademarked tummy time class where parents can bond with their babies and learn the skills needed to creatively help their babies love and benefit from tummy time. This class, which is taught by a certified Tummy Time!tm teacher, combines infant massage, baby yoga, acupressure, reflexology, and craniosacral techniques with tummy time activities in a fun and pleasurable atmosphere. Get to know other moms and dads during a group discussion time lead by your “tummy time tutor” where you will have the opportunity to share your experiences, concerns, and questions.

Interested? Call Lesley at (210) 722-4183 or email: 


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