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CKids Club

CKids Club

5 Clubs Bringing Judaism to Life

 CKids Club: The Escape Room

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Sunday, April 2
Slots available at 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, &  6pm

Monday, April 3
Slots available at 4pm & 6pm

Tuesday, April 4
Slots available 4:30pm & 6:30pm

Book your child, or organize a group of friends up to 10, and reserve your time slot right away, as space is limited and is filling quickly. 

Discovery Hebrew School use the following promo code to come free: DHS
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We all want the best for our kids: To inspire them with gratitude, meaning, and a sense of unique purpose and identity. 

CKids Club offers a fun, exciting, and educational experience for children to come together and explore their Jewish roots. The club will feature five innovative events throughout the year.


  Stay tuned for the next CKids Club events...

 Havdalla.jpg  Shabbos.jpg

Saturday Night ALIVE
An interactive Havdallah experience
December 10


International Shabbat Dinner
A CKids Club community Shabbat dinner
January 20


 popcorn.jpg  Freedoman.jpg

Popcorn, PJ's and Prayer
An adventure through the bedtime Shema
February 12

The Exodus experience
April 2

cKids Club

Ages 6 and up

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