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About Us

About Us


The Jewish Discovery Center recognizes the intrinsic value of each and every man, woman, and child. We are dedicated to enriching the life of every individual and to empower each person to reach his/her potential.

The Jewish Discovery Center is the center for the entire Jewish community in the Northern corridor and serves as a Jewish educational and spiritual lighthouse for the thousands of Jewish families in the Northern Suburbs.  

The Jewish Discovery Center offers many educational, religious, cultural and social opportunities for all age groups within the community.  

Experience it! Explore it!  Enjoy it!

The Jewish Discovery Center is an affiliate of the worldwide Chabad-Lubavitch movement.

Chabad is a Jewish Chassidic movement and a Jewish outreach organization - with over 4,000 branches worldwide - that embraces the millennia-old traditions of Judaism with a welcoming and modern approach.   Chabad's underlying principle is genuine love for and unquestioning acceptance of every Jew.

We believe that Jews are Jews, regardless of affiliation or personal level of observance. We have no "check list" for knowledge, observance, beliefs or lifestyles of the people who attend our programs. Everyone is welcome!

We are founded on the principle that, while Jews embrace many levels of observance in their personal lives, there should be a place for all Jews - no labels and no affiliations - to develop a sense of community, to enhance the experience of being Jewish, to learn and have fun.

Our purpose is to uplift, teach, and inspire Jews, to help identify with the beauty and richness of our heritage. There is no commitment involved - just an opportunity to explore and be enriched.

Rabbi & Mrs. Yosef and Rochel Kalmanson, founders of The Jewish Discovery Center, welcome you to join its many programs and services.

7587 Central Parke Blvd.
Mason, OH 45040 USA

Telephone: 513.234.0777

Fax: 513.234.0711


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