Shmurah Matzah

Did you receive a Shmurah Matzah Box?

On the threshold of the joyous holiday of Passover, we are pleased to share with you and your family a long standing Chabad custom - to present friends with Shmurah Matzot.

Shmurah Matzah is quite unique. The word "Shmurah" means watched and is an apt description of this Matzah. From the moment of harvest, through the milling, sifting and packaging, continuous supervision guarantees that no water comes in contact with the grain and flour. Any such contact would cause leavening and disqualify it from use on Pesach. The Matzah is then kneaded, shaped and baked completely by hand; Shmurah Matzah is indeed similar to the very Matzah which the Jews baked as they hurriedly left Egypt.

When the Jews left Egypt with utmost faith in G‑d, the dough on their backs baked into Matzah, a symbol of their true belief in the Almighty. So too today, Shmurah Matzah represents the conviction of a people whose fervent desire to fulfill G‑d's will, prompts them to put their finest efforts into the baking of Shmurah Matzah.

According to Kabbalistic tradition, when eaten on Passover, Shmurah Matzah represents “food of faith” and “food of healing.”

As the world struggles with the direst of economic times in recent decades, and as the Jewish people are continuously worrying about our brothers and sisters in Israel, these twin qualities are especially timely. It is a time when both faith and healing are tools to remain strong. It is a time when each Mitzvah is a personal weapon against evil.

In this spirit, we at the Jewish Discovery Center, your neighborhood ‘Center for Jewish Life,’ present these special Matzot to you, for we believe that every Jew can make a difference.

Please enjoy these Shmurah Matzot of your own — our gift to you. Use one at each of Passover’s two Seder tables (April 8 and April 9) and give your Seder a whole new flavor and energy. You might consider placing these as the middle Matzah and distributing a piece to all at your Pesach table to be eaten after nightfall in order to fulfill the Mitzvah of eating Matzah. We are certain this Matzah will add a special richness, historic authenticity, and religious beauty to your Seder, as you share in the great traditions of Judaism and fulfill the Mitzvah of eating Matzah at its best. It is sure to stimulate conversation, generate curiosity, excite the children, and make the Exodus saga come alive in a most rewarding way.

Passover is a time of great joy and unity for all the Jewish people. Families and friends make a point of seeing each other and celebrating together. This is our way of thinking about you at this special time and participating in your Seder.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy, and joyous Pesach to you and your entire family. May we celebrate Passover together – “this year in Jerusalem”.

Rabbi Yosef and Rochel Kalmanson

PS Check out the Shmurah Matzah Video