Each week,
The Jewish Discovery Center
randomly and lovingly distributes
freshly baked Challah to residents of the
Mason, Deerfield, Loveland, Landen and West Chester area.

Our Goal: To connect Jewish families with each other!

Looking to welcome a new family to town?
Know someone who recently had a baby?
Or maybe you want to let someone know that
you are thinking about them - "just because"?

Send a Flying Challah!

If you would like to receive a Challah,
you would like to send a "Flying Challah" to someone,
or if you would like to help deliver,
please call us or fill out the form below.

Be sure to look out for your own
braided package of edible Shabbat joy.
Because you never know when it will show!


Suggest Someone to Receive a Flying Challah
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