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"Practical Jewish Parenting"
Discussion Group

*  Are you a parent of a Jewish Teenager?

*  Are you feeling challenged to "keep him/her Jewish?"

*  Are you playing "tug-of-war"?

A great deal of stress and anxiety accumulates in our every day lives. Add raising Jewish children and teenagers in a predominantly secular world and what you get is much frustration. What should a parent do?

Need practical pointers? Join other parents who share many of the same concerns and challenges you have regarding raising your children in a world with many competing attractions.

This new interactive group, moderated by father and son team - Rabbis Sholom and Yosef Kalmanson, is just what modern day Jewish parents are looking for— a place to share your questions, concerns and challenges you face in raising Jewish children and teenagers in today’s fast-paced world.

1st Sunday of each month
beginning November 5, 8:00pm.

Jewish Discovery Center
7587 Central Parke Blvd., Mason

All parents
regardless of affiliation or affiliation

please reserve

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The rebellion in young people is not a crime. On the contrary: it is the fire of the soul that refuses to conform, that is dissatisfied with the status quo, that cries out that it wants to change the world and is frustrated with not knowing how. — The Rebbe

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