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  • We are pleased to announce a unique opportunity for 10th, 11th and 12th graders. CTeen has partnered with Yeshiva University for a 14-week course in Jewish Philosophy, starting in October.  

    Perhaps you think that "At least my child 'did it' until their bar/bat mitzvah. I don't want to breathe down their necks now with more Jewish Learning."

    Sound familiar?

    But what about if that "Jewish Learning" will earn them a great kick-start to their academic career by receiving 2 private college credits from Yeshiva University while they're in high school?

    "Sounds interesting," you might be thinking. "But my Dave's schedule is always so full..."

    Wait! How about if this course can be offered from the comfort of your own home, right on Zoom? And in 14 one-hour classes? Not even homework, just a midterm and final!

    "I'm pretty impressed," you smilingly think. "The Rabbi finally hit the nail on the head, but Dave doesn't even think G-d exists!"

    Not to worry! 

    This is a course on Jewish philosophy which probes to understand how indeed we know G-d exists! Especially if He brings about such suffering! And to good people, mind you! 

    We'll also schmooze and discuss topics like, "Isn't it a little racist to call ourselves the ‘Chosen People.’"

    Students at CTeen U will be encouraged to ask questions and make their knowledge personal. 

    Are you worried how your teen can get a jump-start preparing for college in the current environment?

    This is an opportunity to advance the resume and college career while studying the Torah’s timeless wisdom. 

    You can sign up right now on CTeenU.com !

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