DHS is the modern-day 2022 version of a traditional Hebrew School. It's a program like no other- just ask anyone who's been! The kids walk away with so much knowledge packed into a short amount of time, all-the-while having so much fun, they don't even realize they were learning! 

DHS welcomes all children regardless of Synagogue Affiliation. No Membership Required.

Here's a short outline of the curriculum:*

Unit 1: Embark on a journey beginning with the Jewish people's arrival into the land of Israel, exploring the struggles & joys of moving into their new home.

Unit 2: Get to know famous Jewish prophets, heroes/heroines, and kings as they inspired and cultivated the Jewish people into a strong nation.

Unit 3: Explore the key to "Am Yisrael Chai" after the untimely destruction of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

Unit 4: Discover the secret to flourishing in strange lands using the traditions and customs the Jewish leaders developed & taught us.

Holiday Units: Explore hands-on Jewish Living with the coolest holiday experiences.

Hebrew Reading:  Alef Champ Program (What is Aleph Champ?)

*Grades 2-8 with age appropriate lessons & activities. Separate curriculum for K-1. Please email Morah Rochel for more info.