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What Are The CONNECT10NS?
First Friday Unboxed - Bring Shabbat Home

CONNECT10N - 10 Ways to Own YOUR Judaism

Each month we will focus on a specific Mitzvah-action that you can take to make your own home a center for Jewish life. 

Mitzvot are our spiritual fuel. The why to our what. Our Raison D’être. The way we make a difference in the world. ⁣

There are quite a few Mitzvot out there. 613 to be exact. If we are going to start somewhere, which ones are most essential? Which are most impactful? Where should we begin? ⁣

The Rebbe so beautifully highlighted 10 Mitzvot which are highly focused, impactful and uplifting.  ⁣

We invite you to take ownership Today

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