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 Moses and Maimonides


now make house calls!

One-on-One StudyCan't make it to a class? Interested in learning more about your heritage, faith, and history in a more relaxed setting? We'll bring the class to you!
Rabbi Yosef is available for one-on-one learning and discussion on any Jewish topic under the sun. G‑d's wisdom is infite. The Torah is infinite. Your options are infinite. No questions are off limits!
Whether it's Aleph Bet, Talmud, the weekly Torah Portion, or Kabbalah - you name it and we'll make arrangements to have it taught in your office, home, on the phone or at the coffee shop! Your level, your choice, your turf.

Mitzvah means a connection. Isn't it time you got connected?

Contact us to set a time and place.