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Fireside Chats

  • 'The Jewish Fireside Chat Series,' a new weekly program hosted by the Chabad Centers of Southern Ohio.

    Each week we will invite a leading international speaker to present their personal story of hardship and struggle which they had to embrace and overcome. They will share with us the life lessons they learned along the way, with messages of inspiration on how we can deal with our own challenges. An open Q&A discussion will follow.

    July 7

    Riding Life's Roller Coasters
    Mrs. Chavie Bruk

    Join us for a special evening with Chavie Bruk as she shares her struggles and triumphs; from infertility to adoption. Chavie and her husband, Rabbi Chaim Bruk, are now the parents of 5 beautiful children each with a very different adoption story.  

    July 14

    From Auschwitz to the IDF
    Mr. Leibel Mangel

    Grandson of an Auschwitz survivor, Leibel was inspired by his grandfather's story to leave Cincinnati at the age of 19 and enlist in the IDF. Hear his story from the battlefield, where he took part in numerous high profile anti-terror operations including Operations Protective Edge and Brothers Keeper, as well as his continued fight for Israel in the world of public opinion.

    July 21

    A Survivors Story - I Survived and I Also Thrived
    Rabbi Avremi Zippel

    Listen to the riveting story of a young Rabbi recount his childhood where he was sexually abused by his nanny for 10 years. Hear how he not only survived this nightmare but how he is now thriving and helping others.

    July 28 

    Of Medicine, Miracles and Mindset
    Rabbi Elie Estrin

    When his child was diagnosed in utero with an extreme and rare form of cardiac disease, Chabad Shliach and US Air Force chaplain Capt. Rabbi Elie Estrin and his wife knew they would be in for a tough ride ahead.

    Pushing on, despite the fatal predictions of the doctors, only happened as the result of the Jewish view of life and the soul, a few deep Chassidic insights, together with some amazing miracles along the way.

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