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Fireside Chats

  • 'The Jewish Fireside Chat Series,' a new weekly program hosted by the Chabad Centers of Southern Ohio.

    Each week we will invite a leading international speaker to present their personal story of hardship and struggle which they had to embrace and overcome. They will share with us the life lessons they learned along the way, with messages of inspiration on how we can deal with our own challenges. An open Q&A discussion will follow.

    August 25

    "Don’t Be a Victim: Transforming Fear & Anxiety into Strength & Faith"
    Rabbi Laibl Wolf

    Rabbi Laibl's teachings focus on personal growth and emotional mastery. He uses the wisdom contained in the Kabbalah to reveal the inner workings of the mind-emotion balance. While spiritually based, Laibl's teachings are highly pragmatic .

    A grand finale to our summer Jewish Fireside Chat Series, Rabbi Wolf will teach us practical tips and meditation exercises. We can transform our fear and anxiety into strength and faith.

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