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1) Which members
    of your household
    are Jewish?

Select all that apply:

 Husband Wife Children All

2) With which Congregation
    do you currently affiliate

3) How often do you
    attend services?
 High Holidays

4) How many children
    do you have?

Fill in amount
which applies:

  Ages 0-4
  Ages 5-7
  Ages 8-10
  Ages 11-13
  Ages 13+

5) What is the source
    of your child(ren)’s
    Jewish education?

Select all that apply:

 Sunday School
 Sunday + Midweek Hebrew
 General Family Exposure
 Private Tutor
 Very little

6) Would you be interested in a 
    conveniently located Children's
    Jewish Education Program 
    in the Mason area? 
7) Would you be interested in a
    conveniently located Adult
    Jewish Education Program 
    in the Mason area? 

8) Here are some programs
    The Jewish Discovery Center 
    currently offers.


Please check off
those that interest you.

 Kids Kraft Club
 Jewish Arts Programs
 Shabbat Parties
 Mommy & Me
 Hebrew Tutoring
 Bar/Bat Mitzvah Lessons

 Turn Friday Night Into Shabbat
 Jewish Culinary Club
 Holiday Distributions

 Kabbala Classes
 Lectures & Workshops 
 Weekly Torah Study
 Meaningful Minyan on T.V.
 Seniors Study Group
 Lunch & Learn
 Hebrew Tutoring

 Hospital Visitations
 Kitchen Koshering
 Mezuza and Tefillin Services

9) Please select zip code
    where you reside or work.

10) Would you be willing to 
     participate in a focus group to
     assist in developing a program?


11) To help us serve you, please 
     provide your contact information
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     secured server, and will never
     be shared with anyone.

If you wish to remain anonymous,
we understand.

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