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 Roll up your sleeves, pick up a shovel, and get ready to start digging! Help uncover the missing items that will solve the Pesach mystery. When you complete the mission, design your own hammered copper seder plate to use at home.


Celebrate the power of children and bring it home with a local Lag B'Omer parade! Salute our proud soldiers of the Tzivos Hashem CKids Brigade. Join us for the Honorary Award ceremony, awesome carnival, music and more!


A farm to table experience where you create your own cheese board from start to finish. Learn how to make and flavor your very own cheeses and design and stain a wooden cheeseboard masterpiece. 


GEqL6677831.gifCKids is a new international club that welcomes and unites Jewish children, ages 5-12.

Children are the guarantors of the Torah, and CKids, an interactive, socially motivated educational system inspired by the teachings and vision of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, ensures every Jewish child’s enthusiasm and commitment to our heritage, to our future, and to the eternal chain of Torah-true values.

CKids offers comprehensive, innovative monthly programs designed to attract, teach, and entertain Jewish children of diverse backgrounds and needs, while giving them a sense of belonging. Regional events, exclusive gear, and an exciting incentive system make Judaism fun and cool, and children are guaranteed to keep coming and bring their friends.

All components are specially designed by our dedicated team to bring the event to life.

We invite every Jewish child to belong!