My son Ariel is a 5th grader at the Jewish Discovery Center Hebrew school. We love the JDC because there, we have a peace of mind that our son flourishes in a Jewish environment that is kind, caring, and enriching. It is also a great place for the children to socialize and meet new friends. But the JDC Hebrew school is more than a school, it is a family!

Every Sunday, after a delicious meal at the breakfast club, Morah Rochel leads interactive discussions and brings the stories of the Torah and Mitzvot to life. Rabbi Buzzy and Morah Chaya organize really fun holiday and Shabbat celebrations throughout the year and introduce the students to beautiful davening. They also create art and craft projects and opportunities for experiential learning. Hebrew reading is led by Morah Shoshana, and the children advance through their individual level. It is exciting for both children and parents to see the incredible progress throughout the year.

At the JDC the team of teachers embrace the essence of each child’s unique Jewish soul and character. Even in challenging days like now with the pandemic, the lessons online are fun and engaging, and every week my son looks forward to his next lesson.

Our family love the JDC Hebrew school and I hope that you will give your child the gift of Jewish education by joining the JDC Hebrew school family.

---Yearit Acosta, Loveland 

My son, has grown both as a person and as a Jew this year.  Thanks to The Jewish Discovery Center Hebrew School and his teacher, Morah Chany.  He has enjoyed learning the aleph bet at his own pace, using their innovative and inspiring Hebrew lessons program.  He also shares with me regularly the stories of the Torah he has learned each week.  You can see it on his face that he is proud to learn about the language and the lessons of being a Jewish person.

--- Laura Rossey, Mason
Former Public School Teacher


I am so excited to have found the Jewish Discovery Center Hebrew School.  I love the Jewish education my daughter is receiving.

The classroom education, along with the hands-on skills, have been fantastic!  From your Passover Experience Interactive Museum to baking challah and hamentachen, it has all been a wonderful experience for her. 
She has learned so much this year in the warm and loving environment that you have created for all the children.

--- Barbe Nicholson, West Chester

I love the option of sending my daughter to Hebrew School during the week.  Hebrew School at the Jewish Discovery Center is hands-on!  The stories of our Jewish heritage come to life in the classroom.  My daughter's love for Judaism has grown thanks to Morah Chany and her non-stop experiential curriculum!"

--- Discovery Hebrew School Mom


My son says he wished Hebrew School was more than once a week. Surprised at this I probed and asked what's so good about it. His answer was share time, songs with movement, craft and snack. I did notice that learning Hebrew itself was not on the list of fun things.

So I want to thank you and all of the Morahs for building so much fun into something that normally is dreaded. He learns Hebrew but you make the experience fun and educational. The Montessori approach and teaching methods works wonders, as well!

There are so many things I have to push Ryan to do I am so glad that I don't have a fight on my hands when Wednesday afternoon rolls around! Keep it up! We appreciate all the hard work that goes into making learning fun.

--- Melissa Helton, Landen

We love Chai Tots!  It is such a wonderful combination of Montessori and Jewish learning.  Madi develops important life skills while learning Hebrew and having a sense of being Jewish.  This overflows so positively into our home life.  She can't wait for Shabbat and we catch her singing the Hebrew alphabet!  Under Rochel's leadership, the teachers strive to implement challenging activities that meet each individual child's needs, while being fun for all.  It is a wonderful place for Madi to grow!

--- Dianne Hardin, Mason
Local Bank Executive


Currently, my second daughter is attending the Chai Tots Preschool program. I have found it to be an extremely loving, warm and kind environment for my daughters.  The girls have both have come home happily singing the songs they learned, as well as talking about their friends and teachers at school.  Every Friday my daughter looks forward to her Shabbat Party and comes home with her homemade Challah.

As a mother, it is reassuring to send my child off to school without any worry or concern of her day away from home.  Both girls with their individual personalities and traits have been welcomed lovingly and fully.

I would, without hesitation, recommend the program for any parent interested in providing a Jewish education in a home away from home atmosphere.