Discovery Hebrew School

Education and Memories that inspire a Lifetime”


Welcome to Discovery Hebrew School


Discovery Hebrew School is an affiliate of the Jewish Discovery Center, a non-profit Jewish educational organization.  We are pleased that you have chosen our school for your child’s supplementary Jewish education.  We believe that the Hebrew School experience should be fun and inspiring, and provide warm memories for a lifetime.  Your child should gain a basic understanding of Jewish life and traditions.  Most important, we hope to instill in your child a love of Judaism and of Israel, a deep pride in being Jewish, and a commitment to a Jewish life.  


Discovery Hebrew School accepts applications from all who feel a connection to Judaism. Acceptance into the Hebrew School program is not conditioned on whether the student or parents are Jewish, nor is it a confirmation of such status.


Hebrew School Hours and Locations


Classes meet at the Jewish Discovery Center, 7587 Central Parke Blvd. in Mason

Sunday Morning, 10:30am – 11:30am


Drop Off and Pick Up


The school will be open for students ten minutes prior to the beginning of class.  Children are not to be dropped off before this time.  We ask parents to be sensitive to the needs of our staff and arrive promptly for pickup.


If you would like to walk your child into the building, you may park in the parking lot. Students may not walk through the parking lot unattended.


At dismissal parents must park and enter the building to pick up your child in his/her classroom.


If someone other than the parent will be picking up your child please inform us in person or in a written note. Please do not leave a telephone message. Please refer to “Telephone Message” in this handbook.


Due to safety concerns, if you wish to enter the school building while class is in session (not during the designated drop off and pick up times) you will need to use the intercom system to gain access to the building.


Parent/School Communication


Communication between parents and staff is very important and will help make the Hebrew School experience more pleasant for your child.  We often send important notices home with your child.  Please be sure to ask for them each day. 

Our teachers are always available to discuss any concerns you may have with your child’s progress.  You will receive two progress reports per year, one in January and one in May.  If you would like to speak to a teacher, please call the office and leave a message for her/him to return your call.


Behavior Expectation


Discovery Hebrew School strives to create an atmosphere that reflects our traditional Jewish values.  Our students understand that respect for teachers, for each other, and for all school property, is essential for a successful learning environment.  Students are infected little students to treat fellow students and teachers with courtesy.  We expect all rules and regulations for student behavior to be complied with in class and during school events.  We do not allow loud, abusive, or demeaning language.  We expect all students to act responsibly and with caution, exercising special care in the parking lot.


Parents Responsibilities


Parents are responsible for the following:

·        Bringing and picking up your child on time;

·        Following your child’s progress through contact with his/her teachers;

·        Being supportive of the objectives of Discovery Hebrew School and its staff;

·        Taking an active part in your child’s Jewish education, whenever possible.


Hebrew School Responsibilities


You can expect the school to fulfill the following:

·        Provide a positive, warm environment for your child;

·        Give your child a viable knowledge of Hebrew Reading, Prayers, Jewish History, Customs, Torah, Israel, and ethics;

·        Keep you informed of your child’ progress and class activities;

·        Provide your child with knowledgeable teachers who are dedicated to providing your child with quality Jewish education and values;

·        Provide your family with opportunities to learn and experience Jewish life.


Books and Supplies


All books and materials are provided by the school at the beginning of the year and are to be treated with respect.  If your child loses an item, you will be charged for a new one.


Students are to bring the following supplies at the beginning of the school year:


1 pocket folder (for homework sheets or teacher/parent correspondence)

1 roll of pennies to be used by your child for weekly Tzedakah (charity)

2 glue sticks

2 sharpened pencils


Please label all supplies clearly.  All boys should bring their own Kippah to wear in class.  If you do not have one, one will be provided for you.




Tzedakah (Charity) is a basic value in Judaism and one we try to develop in our students.  All classes begin each day with prayers and the giving of charity.  Please try to send some coins to school each day to help encourage your child perform this Mitzvah. 


Mitzvah Notes


In the Aleph and Bet classes, students are asked to bring in a note each week about a “Mitzvah” or good deed that they did.  Students share their Mitzvot and learn about the importance of helping others.  Please try to point out your child’s good deeds throughout the week and write down a special one to share.




A Kosher snack will be provided. We request that you do not send any additional snacks or drinks due to Kashrut and health reasons.


If your child is allergic to any food or beverages, please be sure that it is written on his/her medical form.




With only two and a half hours  of class per week, our teachers rely on homework assignments as a form of vital reinforcement.  Reading homework is assigned weekly in all class levels and will consist of review. Your positive reinforcement greatly enhances your child’s of great assistance in making the Hebrew School experience and reinforces its effectiveness.




Regular school attendance is crucial in accomplishing the goals of this unique educational program.  There is a direct correlation between attendance records and achievement.  When a child comes late or leaves early, the entire class is disrupted and precious time is wasted.


When your child is absent, he/she is responsible to find out what was learned on that day. Feel free to call the office and leave a message for a teacher to call you back.  Please notify the office if your child will be absent for any length of time due to illness or vacation.  Arrangements will be made for your child to obtain the material covered in class as well as any homework assignment.


Early Pick Up


If you need to pick up your child early, please send a note with an explanation and time you need to pick up.  This will allow the teacher to be sure your child is ready and minimize the disruption to the rest of the class.


Late Drop Off


If your child is late for any reason, please accompany him/her into the classroom.




Please notify us in case of contagious disease so that we may notify the parents of other children in the class.  Also be sure to let us know of any changes in your child’s medical condition during the year.


Each classroom has a first aid kit and minor injuries will be attended to at the school.


In the event of an emergency, the parents will be contacted.  If either the parents or the emergency contact listed on the medical form cannot be contacted, the child will be taken to the hospital.


Telephone Messages


Our phone number at the Jewish Discovery Center is 513.234.0777.  When leaving a message regarding your child, please leave your child’s name and Hebrew School class and the staff person you would like to return your phone call.  If the phone is not answered during school hours, please remember that the message may not be picked up until later that evening. 


In case of emergency, please call Rochel Kalmanson at 513-659-2850.


Classroom Visitation


Parents wishing to visit a child’s classroom may do so upon receiving permission from the principal.  Teachers are not available to converse with parents while the class is in progress, but are happy to arrange an appointment or telephone conference with you.


Students who wish to bring a guest to school must first obtain permission from the principal.





Quick Facts


Principal:                               Mrs. Chany Turner

Education Director:             Mrs. Chaya Ajzenszmidt

Office phone:                        513.234.0777

Mailing address:                  7587 Central Parke Blvd. ,

                                                Mason , OH 45040